At Fat Pao we love food and especially comforting and mouthwatering food from all over the world. We love to try and create new concepts and to find inspiration we travel as much as we can.

We also love to capture the food and share it with you! If you would like to collaborate with us or just looking for new pictures taken for your restaurant website, send an e-mail to hello@fatpao.com.

You can find us selling Pão de Queijo aka Brazilian cheese breads (and occasionally a blueberry cheesecake or something else yummy) in different variations at markets in Amsterdam. Check our agenda for the dates. All the Pão de Queijos are freshly made at the markets with a professional oven.

Oh, we also speak Dutch! The website is in English because of the many tourists and expats we have met at the markets.

Food brings people together. – Fat Pao

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